NPEI Has Completed Calls to Customers Relating to CEAP
August 04, 2020 BACK TO NEWS

NPEI would like customers to be aware that we have completed our automated calls promoting the COVID-19 Energy Assistance Program. These calls were to inform customers about the COVID-19 program and to encourage them to visit our website to see if they qualify.

We have been made aware that a copy of this telephone recording that asks for payment at the end has been circulating to customers. Please be aware that this is a scam and this call is not coming from NPEI. If you receive a phone call about the COVID-19 Energy Assistance Program that ends with a request for payment, please do not provide payment and hang up.

The COVID-19 Energy Assistance Program is still available, and customers can still visit our website to see if they meet the qualifications and apply for the program at this link:

Customers who suspect any type of fraud are encouraged to contact us.

Customers should also report suspicious activity to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501.  In the event that the customer has paid or sent money for payment, they should contact the Police Department.