Contractor Pre-qualifications

Workers in a partially built house looking at plans on a table

To Contractors interested in becoming Pre-approved with NPEI:

Niagara Peninsula Energy has always held the highest regard for the Health and Safety of its employees and all its contractors.

NPEI's Contractor Safety Program includes all current legislation and regulations. The goal for NPEI is to establish a consistency for all contractors and ensure that all parties are clear on their responsibilities along with ensuring our Due Diligence.

The forms below include a list of Required Documentation (Form NPECONTR-1) along with a Competency Profile (Form NPECONTR-2).

The Competency Profile is to be filled out completely and accurately, according to the type of service outlined in sections A through C. All Contractors are to complete Section "A" along with Either Section "B" OR "C" according to your specific discipline. We ask that you take the time to read through all materials carefully and completely. You can then forward the completed Competency Profile (Form# NPECONTR-2) along with all the Required Documentation from (Form# NPECONTR-1) either by mail or email as noted at the bottom of the form.

When we receive your documentation, it will be reviewed by our Representatives and then the final section on the Competency Profile will be signed off by an NPEI designated Manager. At this time, you will be sent confirmation either by mail or email that you are on the Pre-Approved List (pending completion of the Contractor Health and Safety Orientation and Quiz). The link to access the orientation will be sent to the email you have provided to us. If you are already on our Pre-Approved List and are currently performing work on behalf of NPEI, please ensure that your documentation is up to date. (Particularly the Liability Insurance (yearly) and the WSIB Clearance Certificate (quarterly).

We thank you for your continued support and diligence in helping to maintain a reliable and "Safe" work environment for all concerned.

Thank you for your interest in working with NPEI.

Contractor Pre-qualification Checklist

Contractor Competency Profile