My Account FAQ

Customer service representative working on the computer
Q: Is there a preferred web browser for MyAccount?

Although MyAccount is viewable on all devices, the preferred browsers are Chrome, Firefox and Safari (for Apple products).

Q: I am able to log in MyAccount, however I am unable to view my bill.

If you are unable to view your bill, you may need to add Adobe Reader to your device. If you are still unable to view your bill, please contact us through Inquiry within MyAccount or directly to our office (toll free 1-877-270-3938), and we will review and ensure that you can view your bill.

Q: If I have multiple NPEI accounts, can I view all from one username?

As long as all account numbers are linked to one customer number, a user can view multiple accounts within the same login. If a customer has more than one customer number, they will need to register an account from each customer number OR The Customer Service Department will need to create one customer number if they are able to do so.

Q: Can I have the same email for more than one username?

Yes. If you need to register multiple usernames because you have more than one account not linked to the same customer number, all can have the same email address.

Q: Can one account have multiple users attached?

No. Unfortunately, once an account has been registered with a username, another login cannot be created for that customer. Our next version of MyAccount will allow for multiple users against one account.

Q: What if a newly registration customer wants to be on paper billing?

If a new customer signs up for MyAccount and wants to be on paper billing, they will need to contact NPEI and inform them of this change.

Q: If a customer would like to change their e-Bill email or password, where can this be done?

MyAccount is designed to be interactive and provide self-service for customers. Password changes can be done by navigating to Manage Account > My Profile. Email for e-Bill notifications can be changed by navigating to Manage Account > Account Contact.

Q: What if a customer has multiple usernames for one email address?

The email blast for customers to reset their password has only been defined to unique emails. So if a customer uses a different username than the one the email was sent to, they can simply use the "Forgot Password" function on the other username they wish to use for MyAccount.

Q: Can a customer change their username?

No. Usernames are unique and cannot be changed once one has been created.

Q: How do I view net-metering usage?

The values display represents what electricity was used, not what has been generated. If you have a net meter, where you have both usage and generation, only the usage will be displayed. We are working towards displaying both the generation and net meter usage in the near future.

Q: My web browser is Google Chrome and I am experiencing difficulties viewing my bill online. What can I do?

If you are using Google Chrome and experiencing issues opening your PDF bill, please try the following:

  • Go to Settings > Privacy and Security > Site Settings
  • Click on PDF documents
  • Turn on "Download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in Chrome"
  • Close browser and try again